Fly Like A Pro!

With autonomous flight plans you can accomplish shots far to difficult to fly manually. Replaces DJI Go, DJI Go 4, DJI Ground Station, DJI Pilot, and DJI Vision

Flight Plan is a custom app built using the DJI Mobile SDK, created to unlock the full potential of your DJI aerial platform. Turn your iPad or iPhone into the ideal DJI drone flight planner. Flight Plan puts full-featured flight planning, POI missions, grid/surveying missions, interactive mapping, FPV Vision, flight logs, and more — right at your fingertips.

Start by entering your desired route into the flight plan page on Flight Plan or import your flight plan from kml files at From there, easily select flight speeds, camera actions, heading modes, and finish actions. Pan across the entire route, pinch to zoom for detail, or graphically modify any leg of your flight. Press start and let autopilot fly your mission while Flight Plan logs your progress and provides realtime FPV camera views and telemetry data.

Multi-use flight app

Photography, surveying, and just for fun

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Point of interest photography flights

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Agriculture, SARs, and surveying grid flights

Full-Featured Flight Planning

Flight Plan is the ideal DJI drone flight planner

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POI Flight Planning

Automated camera control

Create POI points and let autopilot fly while keeping the camera focused on your subjects with smooth transitions.

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Grid Flight Planning

Capture images for post-processing

Create rectangle or polygon areas you are interested. Let autopilot pick the best flight path through the shape.

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Waypoint Actions

Custom actions at each waypoint

Program custom missions that control gimbal and yaw angles, speed, pause times, and more at each mission waypoint

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Grid Overlap Calculator

Calculate horizontal and vertical overlap

Manually set grid/camera overlap values or use the flight calculator to select optimal values for your missions

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