Critical App Issue and Version v4.14 Released

November 27, 2019

A new version of Flight Plan for DJI, v4.14, was approved by the App Store and went public on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019. v4.14 contains a critical app fix for iOS versions 13.2 and 13.3. If you upgraded your device to iOS v13.2 or 13.3 you likely experienced app crashes when first connecting to the drone. Flight Plan v4.14 contains a fix for this issue.

The new version along with the previous release contains:

  • Fixed: Critical iOS 13.2 and 13.3 issues.
  • Upgraded: DJI SDK to version 4.11
  • Added: OpenTopoMap © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende, SRTM | Kartendarstellung: © OpenTopoMap (CC-BY-SA)
  • Removed: Unimportant startup user messages
  • Improved: App max distance messages on startup


  • Greetings from Paraguay!Can be downloaded the csv files?
  • Hello do you support Mavic air 2 ?
  • Est-ce que l'application Plan de vol pour DJI Drones fonctionne avec le Mavic air 2 ? Merci de votre réponse.
  • Is there any way to reverse the waypoint number to fly a mission from a different start point?
  • Hello I am having trouble with my autonomous flaight palns. I have set one up to look at a single POI in the middle of a rectangular plan but sometimes it flys and takes a snap shot as set up of the POI at each way point but other times it flys to way point 1 and just hovers there and won't progress.
  • I just upgraded to version 4.14 and continue to have the app crash upon start when connected to a phantom 4 controller. When not connected to a controller it starts fine.