Mavic Mini Waypoint MIssions

November 11, 2020

The next major release of Flight Plan is in beta test, it will add Mavic Mini waypoint mission support and allow for free-form and grid flight plans. The Mini will be able to fly these missions but it won’t do it the same way other drones fly them. DJI has not released true waypoint missions for the Mini leaving fewer options available to third-party app developers.

We have completed a virtual stick waypoint system that requires the drone to remain in radio communication with the app at all times. The app virtually controls the joysticks and flies the mission for you. While it is not ideal we are achieving very good results and are able to fly accurate grid missions. This will allow the Mavic Mini to be used as a grid flight platform for surveying, sars, and agricultural work.

We are currently in beta test with the new virutal stick waypoint missions, if you would like early access to this feature email

Video showing how to start Virtual Stick Waypoint Missions:

New versions of the app will continue to include feature requests from users, please send all feature requests to: