Version v4.9.4 Released

February 20, 2019

A new version of Flight Plan for DJI, v4.9.4, was approved by the App Store and went public on Monday, February 18th, 2019. v4.9.4 upgrades the DJI SDK, DJI recommends upgrading to the newer version as soon as possible because of a potential defect (done lands) when fail safe RTH is entered in some locations. If you are using an older version please upgrade.

The new version contains some small fixes as well:

  • The pre-flight checklist has been upgraded to the latest version provided by DJI and has several fixes.
  • The camera control component has been upgraded to the latest version provided by DJI.

Development has started on the next release which will focus on resumable missions from the point at which the previous mission ended. Currently, resumable missions restart from the last completed waypoint. This feature will help with surveying areas with long runs. If you are interested in helping beta test this feature please contact Brad